Smart Makeup System

05 12月 2011

Although many women wear makeup every day, they often have difficulty in increasing variety of their makeup. To solve this problem, we propose “Smart Makeup System” that helps users find new makeup methods for use with their daily cosmetics, and meet new cosmetics by sharing makeup logs (makeup pictures and cosmetics usages) on the web.

Smart Makeup System

the goal of Smart Makeup System (SMS) is to help users easily try new makeup variations by sharing their makeup logs. The main features of SMS are as follows: (1) registering cosmetics by user, (2) recording makeup logs with little effort, and (3) uploading and sharing makeup logs via the web.

SMS basically consist of three following components;

  • ŸSmart Makeup Logger
  • Smart Makeup Communicator

The Smart Makeup Logger enables users to take makeup logs and upload them to an online database. The Smart Makeup Communicator helps users easily share their makeup logs.

Smart Makeup Logger (SML)

First, the SML helps users register their cosmetics to the system as follows: (1) attaching a RFID tag on a cosmetic, (2) putting the tagged cosmetic on the RFID reader, and (3) reading the barcode on the cosmetic. Moreover, the SMM can automatically collect basic information for each cosmetic (e.g., picture, name, abstract, and URL) from the barcode using Rakuten API (a Japanese shopping web service). Thus, users can easily register their cosmetics including tag ID, barcode, and basic information.

Second, the SML helps users capture pictures of the user’s face (makeup pictures) when they finish applying makeup and put their cosmetics on the RFID reader. The system then automatically uploads the makeup logs (cosmetic use and makeup pictures) to the database.

Smart Makeup Communicator (SMC)

The SMC has three main features; (1) supporting ease of operation, (2) searching makeup pictures by cosmetics and (3) dividing face parts automatically. First, the SMC is suited for use while wearing makeup since users can browse the SMC using very simple operations. Second, users can search makeup pictures of friends who use the same cosmetics. This function helps users to try new makeup variations with their daily cosmetics. Third, the SMC can automatically divide makeup pictures into face parts (eyes, lips and cheeks) using Open CV ( The face parts are useful not only for checking makeup techniques in detail, but also protecting the privacy of the users. Each user can choose which parts are shown to her friends. Figure 3 shows a user page and search results based on cosmetics.

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Maki Nakagawa

Ph.D. student in Ochanomizu University