Smart Skincare System

10 7月 2011

Many women find it difficult to maintain beautiful skin, since it requires amount of effort, time, and special knowledge. To make skincare easier and more satisfactory, we developed “Smart Skincare System”. This system helps users automatically log information related to their skin condition and share data with skincare experts in order to obtain appropriate advice.

Smart Skincare Dresser

PC equipped dresser that helps users take pictures of their faces and skins, and easily record their use of cosmetics.

USB camera for taking pictures of face.
USB microscope for taking close-up pictures of skin.
RFID reader antennas and tags for recording use of cosmetics.
LEDs for informing users about which cosmeetics should be used next.

Smart Skincare Charm

Mobile device that logs amount of UV radiation and humidity.
Smart Skincare Charm offers real-time feedback for users using LCD.
Users can easily notice the change in the amount of UV radiation and humidity at once.

Smart Skincare Adviser

Web based application in which users can easily share data (collected from Smart Skincare Dresser and Smart Skincare Charm) with skincare experts, and obtain advice related to appropriate skincare methods.


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Maki Nakagawa

Ph.D. student in Ochanomizu University